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Chord Fat Lip - Sum 41

#intro : G C

Storming through the party
like my name is El NiƱo
When I'm hanging out drinking
in the back of el camino
As a kid was a skid
and no one knew me by name
I crashed my own house
party cuz nobody came

And I know I'm not the
one you thought you knew back
In high school
Never going never showing
up whenever we had to
The attention that we crave
don't tell us to behave
I'm sick of always
hearing act your age

#chorus 1 :

I don't wanna
G     D      C
waste my time
Become another
D                      C
casualty of soci--ety
           G   D    C
I'll never fall in line
Become another victim
of your conformity
And back down

#Interlude : G C (4x)

Be... Cause... You.... Don't
Know us at all
We laugh when old people fall
But what would you expect
with a conscience so small
Heavy metal and mullets
is how we were raised
Maiden and Priest were
the gods that we praised

And we like having fun at
other peoples expense and
Cutting people down
is just a minor offence
And it's none of your concern
I guess I'll never learn
I'm sick of being
told to wait my turn

#back to chorus 1

#bridge :
G          D         Em
  Don't count on me
To let you know when
G       D              Em
  Don't count on me
I'll do it again
G       D           Em
  Don't count on me
It's the point your missing
G       D            Em
  Don't count on me
Cuz I'm not listening

           F  G
Well I'm a no goodnick
      F      G     C
lower middle class brat
     F      G
Back packed and I dont
       F     G    C
give a shit about nothing
You be standing on the corner
talking on that kuffufin
        F     G
But you don't make sense
             F       G  C
from all the gas you be huffing
       F   G
If the ink don't stain
          F       G       C(hold)
you'll be ringing off the hook
            F   G(hold)
Your on the hit list wanted
       F   G     C
in the telephone book
       F     G
I like songs with distortion
   F     G       C
to drink in proportion
The DOCTOR said my mom
should've had an abortion

#back to chorus 1

Chorus 2:
G               D           C
Waste my time with them
Casualty in socie-ty
G              D             C
Waste my time with them
Victim of your conformity
And back down

#outro : G -- D  C -- Bm - C
# end : G