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Angels And Airwaves
Chord Hallucinations - Angels And Airwaves | Lyric Hallucinations - Angels And Airwaves | Kunci Gitar Hallucinations - Angels And Airwaves | Lirik Hallucinations - Angels And Airwaves

Chord Hallucinations - Angels And Airwaves

#intro : C D F

       C                 F
And you look real close
                 C                G    
Cross the lines and the roads
      F             C
It is there to decode
              C                  G
What you thought was a ghost
            F        C
Or a spark to explode
           C             G
It's the start of the show
           F                      C
It's the part you love the most
                 C          G
When your heart will implode within

#chorus :

C                          D                      C - G - F
Do you believe in hallucinations, silly dreams or imaginations
C                  D
Don't go away cause I feel you this time
C    -    G  -   F
Don't go away cause I need you there this time

#intro : C D F

As the rain floats home
         C           G
Carry us back to shore
And up the mountainous coast
                C              G
Where the sun starts to glow
              F               C
From our head to our toes
          C                G
To the stars that we know
              F            C
And with you as my host
         C               G
It will keep us afloat again

#back to chorus

The silence is taxing
I'm waiting for something
There's images of love and war
And everything's here to explore
It's all alike, unusual, a different place
But beautiful and it is not quite as it seems
I hear the children's laughs and screams

It's beautiful
So beautiful
It's beautiful

#back to chorus
#outro : C D C - G - F