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Blink 182
Chord Guitar M&M'S - Blink 182 | Kunci Gitar Lagu M&M'S - Blink 182 | Lirik Lagu M&M'S - Blink 182

Chord M&M'S - Blink 182

#intro : G D Em C

G                          D
You and I should get away for
Em    C
G                D
I just want to be alone with your
Em    C
G                              D
Buy some candy and cigarettes
              Em          C
and we'll get in my car
G                    D
We'll blast the stereo and we'll
Em                      C
drive to Madagascar

#chorus :
                      Em        C
Because when I'm with you
            G                        D
there's nothing I wouldn't do
Em              C                  G    D
I just want to be your only one
Em              C                  G
I'm grasping out at straws thinking
back to what I saw
    Em                              C
That night on the floor when we
                G    D
were all alone

G          D                            Em    D
My love life was getting so bland
G                      D
There are only so many ways I can
Em                        C
make love with my hand
G                    D
Sometimes it makes me want to
Em    C
G                  D
Sometimes I want to take my
Em                C
toaster in the bath

#back to chorus
#interlude : G D Em C

G                  D                    Em  D
Who's gonna be the odd man out?
G                    D                  Em  D
I don't want to be the odd man out
G        D                    Em    D
Is this going to be the end
G          D                Em
Or are you going to be
C                  G
my new girlfriend?