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Chord Guitar Loving You - D'Cinnamons | Kunci Gitar Loving You - D'Cinnamons | Lyric Lirik Loving You - D'Cinnamons | Simple And Easy Chord Loving You - D'Cinnamons

Chord Loving You - D'Cinnamons

#intro: G Am Bm C (2x)

G                     Am             Bm
 Ring, ring it’s you again heart pops
I loved to hear you
G                   Am                   Bm          C
 It’s been all day I’ve been waiting for you
G                  Am   
Hello, you call my name
Bm                                  C
So much stories you shared with me
G                Am                     Bm
You said a lot to me about girls
Oh, it’s so nice

Bm         C                                        
 And every beauty thing they did to you
Bm         C                        D
 Don’t stop and tell me more...

#chorus :
Loving you it hurt sometimes
I’m standing here you just don’t buy
I’m always there you just don’t feel
                      Em             D
nor you just don’t wanna feel
Don’t wanna be hurt that way
It doesn’t mean I’m givin’ up
I wanna give you more
              C            D
And more and more…

#intro : G Am Bm C (2x)

G                                Am               Bm
 Knock, knock you came around heart pops
I loved to see you
G                         Am              Bm             C
 It’s been two years since I’m in love with you
G                            Am
 Bum! Bum! You break my heart
Bm                              C
 You said, girl I’m in love with her
G                              Am              Bm   C
But it’s all right, I’m still alive yeah… ohh…

Bm     C 
 And all the beauty things she did to you
Bm    C           D
 Don’t stop and tell me more

#bck to chorus


Em          D                           C
And when I see that smile upon your face
                      D      Em
Deep in your eyes you had it all
             D                          A   Am D
And when I hear you super electrical voices…

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