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Good Charlotte
Chord Guitar We Believe - Good Charlotte | Kunci Gitar We Believe - Good Charlotte | Lyric Lirik We Believe - Good Charlotte | Simple And Easy Chord We Believe - Good Charlotte

Chord We Believe - Good Charlotte

#intro : Am G F ( 2x )

Am                     G

There's a woman crying out tonight
Her world has changed. She asks God why
Her only son has died
And now her daughter cries
She can't sleep at night

Am                                 G
Downtown another day for all the suits and ties
Another war to fight there's no regard for life
How do they sleep at night?
How can we make things right?
Just wanna make this right

#chorus :

( F C G F )
We believe
We believe
We believe
We believe
We believe
We believe
In this love

Am  G         F
We are all the same
      Am             G            F
Human in all our ways and all our pain

(So let it be)
Am                          G
There's a love that could fall down like rain
(Let us see)
Let forgiveness wash away the pain
(What we need)
Am                                     G
And no one really knows what they are searching for
(We believe)
This world is crying for so much more

#back to chorus 2x

Am G F G ( 2x )

         Am         G
So this world is too much
           F                                Am
For you to take just lay it down in front of me
      G                F
I'll be everything you need in every way

#back to chorus