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Like A Fool - Keira Knightley

Kunci Gitar Lagu Like A Fool - Keira Knightley | Chord Guitar Like A Fool - Keira Knightley  | Lirik Lagu Like A Fool - Keira Knightley

Chord Like A Fool - Keira Knightley

#Intro:  D   G

D                    G                            D      G
 We take a chance from time to time
D                        G                        D    G
 And put our necks out on the line
Bm                       E                   G                          D
  And you have broken every promise that we made
 And I have loved you anyway

D  G  D  G

              Bm                E             G                  D
Took a fine time to leave me hangin' out to dry
            Bm                    E
Understand now I'm greivin'
            G                           D
So don't you waste my time

Bm                           E                  G                          D
   'Cause you have taken all the wind out from my sails
 Em                                                  D
 And I have loved you just the same
                      G                               D     G
 We finally find this then you're gone
D                         G                   D    G
 Been chasin' rainbows all along

Bm                          E
  And you have cursed me
             G              D
When there's no one left to blame
 And I have loved you just the same

#Instrumental Break:  D G D G
                                    Bm E G D (2x)

Bm                         E                G                      D
 And you have broken every single fucking rule
 And I have loved you like a fool